What is CSR Coaching?

CSR Coaching was established by Aglaia Ntili, Sustainability and CSR Professional and Trainer, to assist professionals overcome CSR and Sustainability related challenges and excel in their professional career. Since Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility are becoming essential in every organization’s business strategy and culture, Aglaia Ntili realized that Sustainability professionals required greater support to achieve organisational, business and personal objectives and lead effectively. The reasons why professionals turn to coaching vary significantly and depend on the personality and business role of the coachee. Usually, it is about personal skill development, achieving work-life balance, handling stress, managing people or projects, overcoming conflict or career transition. In CSR Coaching we focus specifically on areas related to Sustainability and work with people directly or indirectly involved in the management of Sustainability. The role of the coach is to:

  • Discuss effectively and objectively your ideas and considerations
  • Keep you focused and on track
  • Motivate you to find solutions that fit your values and perspectives, to take necessary action and move forward with confidence
  • Support you in achieving your business goals and maximising your impact
  • Assist you to overcome professional challenges and see things clearly
  • Guide you to unveil hidden opportunities in current challenges
  • Offer support throughout the coaching process
  • Help you explore the best choices for you based on where you are now and your vision for the future

The relationship with your coach:

  • Is confidential and your privacy is assured
  • Is based on respect and trust

When you sign up for coaching, you enter into a fruitful partnership with your coach. Together you work towards achieving progress towards your professional goals, improving performance and overcoming challenges by adopting new, targeted methodologies and behaviours. We see coaching as a continuous learning process through which you can achieve your full potential; therefore, you also need to be committed, accountable for the coaching process and the tasks you agree to in this process Our sessions are suitable for managers, leaders, executives and entrepreneurs anywhere in the world.

Our mission is to help you excel in Sustainability, create positive impact and reach your full potential

Why choose CSR Coaching?

You are here probably because you have found yourself in a business situation which you are unsure how to handle; you feel you need expert support, advice or validation; you are thinking of making a career shift towards Sustainability. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a passionate sustainability novice, our coaching and mentoring services will help you realize your business objectives and guide you through a successful career path.

  • You have been promoted to a Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability position but you are unsure of your role and the impact you can create
  • You are involved in a Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability project and need expert insight on how to start or input on your next steps
  • You need discreet support and guidance on a Sustainability related project, task, or to manage a Sustainability related challenge
  • You need tips and to learn new techniques on how to handle specific issues pertaining to CSR and Sustainability
  • You would feel more confident with some qualified support and validation
  • You are strategising a successful transition to Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability and wish to develop professionally

The list above refers to just a few of the occasions where business professionals have reached out to us for coaching or mentoring. Each individual has their own considerations and issues, therefore the list is not exhaustive. Book a free Consultation session today for a non-binding, confidential discussion on your goals and how we can help you.

  • You have to write a tender for CSR and Sustainability services but but you are unsure of how to begin
  • The benefits of Sustainability reporting are clear to you but you face difficulties in convincing your managers to start reporting
  • You are currently working on your company’s sustainability report and have questions on GRI or other Sustainability Frameworks
  • You are (re)designing a stakeholders’ engagement strategy but you are not sure of the steps you should follow or how to implement it successfully
  • You need to identify the most effective Sustainability structure for your company
  • You are entrusted with your company’s Sustainability strategy and you must set a clear direction
  • You need unbiased feedback on the ability of new Sustainability partners to support your vision and business strategy
  • You will deliver an important presentation soon and you could really need some expert feedback
  • You attended a Sustainability training but you still have a number of questions
  • You want to become a Sustainability professional but you are not sure of your career prospects

We believe that in every crisis or challenge there is a world of opportunities. Contact us and we will assist you reach your full business development and career potential.

All our packages offer personalized 1:1 private coaching sessions and are usually delivered through Skype, appropriate online platforms, over the phone or in person.

Consultation Call at no cost

Before we start our coaching partnership, it ιs very important to know each other. Therefore I recommend a consultation session where we will have the opportunity to clarify your current situation, your goals and discuss the methodology to follow. The purpose of this session is to get to know each other, talk and see whether we are a good fit. It is important to take the time and make sure we feel good and convenient to work together. You can ask me any questions will help you feel more comfortable working with me. I will also ask you questions related to your goals and the reasons for contacting me. The duration of the Consultation session is 30 min and is free of charge. The Consultation session is not a coaching session. Requesting a consultation does not put you under any obligation at all and I will not try to sell you any services, but I will make sure that when you decide to work together, you will get the coaching package that is right for you. Request your free consultation by filling in the contact form

Pay as you Go Support

This plan is designed specifically for professionals who do not wish to commit into a long term coaching plan. It is ideal for individuals who want expert support, an independent coach to discuss very specific issues and questions or validate their course of action. Through this option, you can take advantage of our experience and knowledge without the commitment of a longer project. The duration of the Pay as you Go session is 75 min. BUY NOW our Pay as you Go plan


1 Month Coaching Support Package

This plan is ideal for professionals who have well defined issues to discuss. If you have specific considerations to address, a short, 3 meeting plan will meet your needs and provide adequate opportunity for you to identify a course of action and act upon the issues you are facing. The duration of each meeting is 75min and you will get priority e-mail support for the duration of your coaching plan. BUY NOW our 1 month coaching package



3 Months Coaching Support Package

Business professionals are often unprepared to face complex issues as they come across new, unknown, situations. This 7 sessions package provides adequate opportunity for you to define the core issue, the root causes and symptoms of the circumstances you are facing and develop a powerful strategy to create lasting solutions. If you are engaged in a long term project that is troubling you, this 7 sessions plan will meet your expectations. The plan has 3 month duration and you will get priority e-mail and phone support for the duration of your coaching plan. The duration if each session is 75 min. BUY NOW our 3 months coaching package



Themed Coaching & Mentoring Package

Earn your internationally recognised  “Sustainability and CSR Masterclass” certificate though a combination of coaching, mentoring and training! This is an excellent plan for professionals who want to achieve a formal recognition on CSR and Sustainability but without sharing personal and corporate considerations within a class context and at their own pace! Training on specific topics is combined with 1:1 coaching and mentoring, leading to an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) formal certification. Over 10 highly specialised individual coaching sessions, we will cover 8 modules representing key areas of Sustainability:

  1. Sustainable Development and CSR
  2. Legislation
  3. Trends in Sustainability and CSR
  4. Stakeholder Management
  5. Sustainability Strategy
  6. Sustainability Reporting Standards
  7. Communicating Sustainability
  8. Post course Assignment (requirement for certification)

This is a unique offering that leads to the ILM approved “Sustainability and CSR Masterclass” certificate when you:

  • Require high personal attention to manage the above areas in your company
  • You do not wish to share personal thoughts or to reveal corporate practices within a class context
  • Want to earn the certification on your own personal time
  • Prefer to achieve a recognized training certificate discreetly
  • Need individual assistance with your post course assignment that goes beyond the help we provide as part of an open training.

The 10 individual sessions need to be completed within 4 months. We will work together to create a learning plan you are confortable with and suits your needs. Each session is 90 min and you will get priority e-mail and phone support for the duration of the coaching plan. Earn your internationally recognized ILM certificate with flying colours! BUY NOW our Themed Coaching Package

Premium Packages

Premium packages build on the “Sustainability and CSR Masterclass” training course which is endorsed by ILM. ILM is the UK’s leading provider of leadership, management and coaching qualifications and a world renowned professional membership body representing over 25,000 managers and leaders. Participants gain an excellent understanding of CSR and Sustainability and are guided to complete their certification assignment during the course.

  • Sustainability and Leadership

An innovative retreat especially developed for managers and entrepreneurs who want to become stronger sustainability leaders through a combination of sustainability and leadership tools and methodologies.

View past retreat: Sustainability Training and Leadership Retreat brochure (PDF)

While traditional leadership focuses on problems, Appreciative Leadership in Sustainability and CSR focuses on potential, improves organizations and individuals by identifying what is working well and maximizing potential.

View past residential: Sustainability, CSR and Leadership Residential brochure (PDF)

  • Sustainability and Coaching Residential

Experience a new, unique residential course for professionals starting their sustainability journey. By combining expert training with innovative coaching we enable professionals to learn how to act positively and impact the triple bottom line of People-Planet-Profit.

View past residential: Sustainability Training and Coaching Residential brochure (PDF)

Meet your Coach

Aglaia Ntili‘s approach to CSR Coaching is fresh and innovative. She works closely with Sustainability and CSR practitioners, to bring to light their qualities and strengths, to maximise their impact and attain their business vision. As your CSR Coach, Aglaia Ntili can help you unravel your thoughts, identify a variety of approaches to resolve your challenges and find solutions that fit with you values, principles and management style. As an experienced international Sustainability professional, Aglaia has the knowledge of worldwide best practices, the advantage of seeing the big picture, the skill of adopting a holistic view point, the ability to make creative suggestions and the personality to discuss with you in depth to identify the true cause of the issue that you face today.

Aglaia is a seasoned sustainability professional, with 15 years of international advisory and training experience across a wide range of corporate sustainability and responsibility fields. She is recognised with the Global CSR & Sustainability Leadership Award for her contributions as a practitioner, trainer, coach, and advisor.

Aglaia serves as the Managing Director of Sustainability Knowledge Group, providing Sustainability and CSR advisory and training services at international corporate level. Aglaia is the founder of CSR Coaching, supporting professionals in Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, and the founder of the CSR & Sustainability meetup, the 1st and only open platform to support active learning and knowledge sharing on CSR and Sustainability in the UAE. She is also the Chair of the
UAE chapter of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP), currently the only professional body for Sustainability professionals in the region.

Aglaia has developed the Middle East and Greek local standard training version of the GRI G3, G3.1, the Bridging Module and GRI G4 Training for regional providers. As an ILM and CPD Standards approved trainer, Aglaia has trained hundreds of professionals in GRI Reporting, Strategy, CSR Programs, Stakeholder Engagement, SROI, Quality, Performance and Environmental Management, communication and implementation.

Her CSR and Sustainability expertise has enabled her to be involved in diverse projects in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia and the USA, in multiple sectors and industries including Construction, Energy, Consulting, Banking, FMCG, Education, Local Authorities, Oil and Gas, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Technology, Shipping, Facility Management, Concessionaire, Leisure, NGOs, SMEs and listed Groups.

Aglaia holds an MBA, an MSc in Total Quality Management & Business Excellence and a Degree in Business Administration. She is a Certified ISSP-SA, an ISO 9000 Lead Auditor and an EFQM Accredited European Excellence Assessor. She is also a recognized Competent Leader and Competent Communicator under Toastmasters International.

Aglaia is an elected Board member and founding member of the Sustainable Business Council Greece, the official member of World Green Business Council in Greece. She is a longstanding member of Toastmasters International for leadership and public speaking, having served as president, officer and mentor. Aglaia is also the founder of Startegy, a social enterprise helping closet entrepreneurs to unleash talent.

Aglaia has presented the business case for Sustainability, and tools to develop it, at a number of conferences, in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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